Bagher Moazen

classical guitarist and composer

One of the first classic guitar players in Ahwaz who effects the revolution of classic guitar in the country. born in 1948, Ahwaz. Grown in the time of early entrance of western music and cinema because of Oil companies. He started to learn guitar at 17 in Abdollah Mafakher classes and supervision of Dr. Jean During when he moved to Tehran. Then in 1973 went to England and continued to learn music under the supervision of Joseph Urshalmi for 6 years. In the hard time of low facilities in the 80s, he published a few articles with his brothers Kazem and Sadegh on guitars and guitar players for the first time in Iran. He designed new methods in teaching guitar and trained many students.


Thanks to a booming Iranian oil industry, Bagher began a musical journey from which there was no return. Born in the south of Iran he grew up at a time when the oil industry brought Western music and film to this area. Looking to widen his horizons from his roots in traditional Persian music, Bagher fell in love with these new influences. He was captured by the beauty of Western melodies and classical music he heard on film and on radio. His imagination stirred, Bagher began to sing the music he heard.
Bagher first started guitar under Abdullah Mafakher who introduced him to the delights of Spanish music. His next inspiration and teacher was the well-known French musician, Dr. Jean During, who had come to Iran to study Persian music. Later, in 1973, Bagher continued his studies in London. He met Joseph Urshalmi, and studied with him to improve his right-hand technique. Upon the recommendation of Julian Bream, this was followed by three years of intensive study with Timothy Walker. Walker opened Bagher's mind to revolutionary methods of fingering, articulation and interpretation.
Building on this, Bagher continued to refine his knowledge with John W. Duarte.
In 1979, Bagher returned to Iran to become the first teacher of the classical guitar for full-time students at the Royal Conservatory of Music. Later he opened his own school of music. However, by 1985, the political situation became impossible, as music was banned. He left once more to go to Germany and subsequently to Canada. In 1987, Bagher arrived to Canada. After residing in Montreal for 8 months, he moved to and continues to live in Toronto.


Master Thesis of Fereydoun Vaziri

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