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About the Festival

Karoon Music Festival is the first independent cultural-artistic event in south of the country Iran, which has been held annually since 2015 ,supported by cultural and artistic academies and institutions. Encouragement of young players and composers, producing cultural context, making art movements and gathering of artists throughout the country are the main goals of this festival. We hope to promote this national event into an international festival by earning more knowledge and more cooperation. The 6th Karoon Music Festival will be held on March 2021 and April 2021 with corporation of Khuzestan Music Association and international juries and guests. Calling for competition section


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April 2021

In honor of Maestro Bagher Moazen

The festival is an opportunity to introduce iranian classic guitar pioneers to the players and art lovers of all around the world. We are proud to glorify the place of Bagher Moazen as a compassionate teacher and propagator of classic guitar in the country who educated professional students.


Planners ,Organizers ,Art council and Executive Director's

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Keyvan Mirhadi

Art Council / Member

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Afshin Torabi

Art Council / Member

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Ashkan Kosari

International Correspondence

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Competition section

Calling for competition section

  • KAROON Music festivals have been held from 2015 by “Four Seasons” institute, certified by the ministry of culture in Ahwaz and in collaboration with the Iran Music Association. This festival is private, registered and official event which has Execution license. Competition in classical guitar is one of the most important parts in this festival. This Festival has tried to improve the level of festivity and encourage the competitors by upgrading the mandatory repertoires, changing the juries and upgrading the prizes. In order to that, the executive committee has proposed to hold the competition part as a separate and international part. It’s not possible to hold the live competition due to the COVID-19 pandemic. so, this part holds in offline and video format.

    executive committee introduced the goals of festival as below:
    🔷 Holding competition based on artistic standards to make goals and encouragement in competitors.
    🔶 Encouragement of the classical guitar players to gain knowledge and playing skills.
    🔷 Development of competition section and cooperation with national and international music masters.
    🔶 Encouragement of the players to follow up their educational procedures to participate in future events.

    As mentioned before, the COVID-19 pandemic made live performances inapplicable. The executive committee has chosen offline and video performances as the best way in this time.
    It seems that this special and hard situation has made the players unmotivated due to the canceled performances and festivals throughout the world. These virtual musical events can motivate the players to be more active.
    Offline performances reduce the risks of pandemic as much as possible. More players throughout the world can participate in festival without any limitation. The offline performance also makes the presence of international juries possible and makes the competition more interesting and more honorable for competitors.
    Holding festival in this manner needs a platform to implement -from the starting point to the end- which is created by the executive committee of the festival and is available for all the participants. This platform is designed specifically for Karoon Music Festival and it was used in 5th Festival.

  • Competition section holds in playing classical guitar. This part holds as offline form (sending video) and the competitors can participate from all around the world as an international competitor. The competition holds in one phase and the time of registration will be declare on the site. The competitors must register in the website according to the personal information. The time and features repertoires are determined by the age classifications. The selected repertoire must be introduced by the competitors at the time of registration. The sent videos will be reviewed and analyzed by the juries. The selected performances will be announced as the 1st to 3rd places in each age class according to the obtained scores. The names of the selected competitors will be introduced in the website and the competitors can receive certificate from the website. As mentioned below, the executive committee believes that the international juries encourage the competitors to participate and make them eager to obtain international achievement. the certifications will be signed by the juries and festival director with the obtained places and the name of competitors.
    ⚖️Jury: Sean Samimi - Amir Houshangi - Afshin Torabi - Aysegül Koca - Florian Conil
    A certain fee is determined as entry for the participants in competition which must be paid by the participants at the time of registration. The received money has not any business usage and it is determined based on executive costs.
    Information about the juries, exact time and the way of registration will be released on the festival's website.

  • Children and Young teens group: 14 years and less (born in 2007 and after) :
    🔷 One or two pieces from the Classic or Romantic periods (the whole time of recording must be between 4 to 6 minutes).

    ⚠️ Please read NOTICE, description of the VIDEOS’ PROPERTIES and the RULES AND REGULATIONS OF THE FESTIVAL carefully.

  • Age group A: 15 to 18 years (born in 2003 to 2006) :
    🔷 One or two pieces from the Classic or Romantic periods (the whole time of recording must be between 6 to 8 minutes)

    ⚠️ Please read NOTICE, description of the VIDEOS’ PROPERTIES and the RULES AND REGULATIONS OF THE FESTIVAL carefully.

  • Age group B: 19 to 24 years (born in 2002 to 1997) :
    🔷1 to 3 pieces (or important parts of suits or sonata) from the Baroque, Classic, Romantic periods or contemporary classical guitar repertoire (the whole time of recording must be between 8 to 12 minutes).

    ⚠️ Please read NOTICE, description of the VIDEOS’ PROPERTIES and the RULES AND REGULATIONS OF THE FESTIVAL carefully.

  • Age group C: 25 years and older (born in 1996 and before) :
    🔷 1 to 4 pieces (or important parts of suits or sonata) from the Baroque, Classic, Romantic, Neo-Romantic periods and contemporary classical guitar repertoire. (the whole time of recording must be between 12 to 15 minutes).

    ⚠️ Please read NOTICE, description of the VIDEOS’ PROPERTIES and the RULES AND REGULATIONS OF THE FESTIVAL carefully.

  • 🔷 Pieces must be included from the standard classical guitar repertoire. Translated and rearranged repertoires from other composers for the guitar is not acceptable. (Baroque repertoire is an exception)
    🔶 The duration of the pieces for each category is determined, longer videos could be omitted by the juries.
    🔷 the musical knowledge and technical skills of each period is one of the competition’s aims.
    🔶 The competitors can choose any part of suit or sonata based on technical and musical features. But remind that the suits or sonata parts must be recorded without any cut and in one shot.

  • 1-🎥 Competitors must send the pieces in separate files (Up to 100MB for each file).
    2-⭐️ The repertoire must be played by the competitor.
    3-🖥 The player and the complete shape of instrument must be in the video frame.
    4-📱 If the recording is by the phone, it’s recommended to record in a horizontal or wide frame.
    5-💾 Sent video must be in regular and standard formats of mpeg, avi, mp4.
    6-🎵 Sent video must not include any edits in video and audio.
    7-❌ The competitors will be omitted if there is any contradiction.
    8-⚖️ The festival and the website are not responsible for sent videos and the juries will analyze the uploaded videos by the competitors..

  • 🔶 Replacements and shifts in children and young teens, a, b and c classification are not permitted.
    🔷 The deadline for sending video will be announced and it’s not extendable.
    🔶 The festival team can omit a video belongs to the competitors who their videos are longer than estimated and determined time. So, any objection is rejected.
    🔷 The selection of the competitors is based on obtained scores according to the sent videos. It is possible to not include any 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in each category. So, any objection is rejected.
    🔶 Any places (1st, 2nd and 3rd places) in each category can include more than one competitor.
    🔷 Registration fee is not returnable and the competitors must respect the rules, executive committee, juries and decisions made by the festival. the competitor can leave the competition but the registration fee is not returnable.
    🔶 The festival is allowed to archive and use the sent videos in medias.
    🔷 Filling the registration form by the competitors is interpreted as accepting the rules of the festival. So, competitors must read the rules carefully before the registration. It’s clear that the festival will omit any competitor who does not observe the rules and does not respect the juries, decisions and involved persons of the festival.

⚠️ any changes including edits, omission or additional rules will be announced.
❓ To answer the questions, you can send a message to the telegram acc of the Festival: "Karoon_musicfestival2".

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